Custom Software Development

Bespoke eCommerce Sites, Web Apps and Mobile Apps.

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Functional Services

Operational, Financial and Accounting.

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Technical Services

Systems Analyst, QA's, and Specific Skilled Software Developers.

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Application Management Services

NetSuite, Shopify, AWS / Amazon Web Services, Magento, Atlassian and Many More.

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Tailor-Made Business Processing Outsourcing Solutions on Demand

Let us help you succeed at OutSourcing. We’ll effectively and efficiently integrate our offshore-resources to yours, to become one cohesive team. We extend your business capabilities through a Philippine-based workforce made of top talent, so your in-house team can focus on your core competencies.

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Functional Services

Our functional services will help your business grow by providing services like:

  • Outsourced Accounting Services
  • Billing and Invoicing Management
  • Sales Order Management
  • Collections Management
  • Payments Management
  • And Many More

Your Business

Grow Faster, Economically

Technical Services

We help you get the right technical skill set:

  • Business Analysts
  • Software Developers
  • Quality Assurance Specialists
  • Project Managers
  • UI/UX
  • And Many More

Custom Software Development

Bespoke eCommerce sites, Web apps and Mobile apps.

Application Management Services

We help you support, manage and administer your technology stack of applications.

Excel @ OutSourcing

We Transform Your Vision into Results

OutSourcing your business processes helps you grow faster at a reduced cost and with minimal risks. Deploy new functionality at a rapid pace and augment your current workforce to efficiently scale with rapid positive growth.

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Excelym works with the Vista Consulting Group to implement and service the NetSuite needs of Vista Private Equity's portfolio companies. Through this partnership with one of the premier and most successful global private equities, Excelym's depth and breadth of experience in the software, data and technology industries is significantly enriched. Let this knowledge base and know-how help you achieve utmost success.

Benefits of a World-Class Team

Our on-demand professionals can quickly augment your team to achieve your business goals. Our pool of professionals will ensure that you get the right talent for your needs at cost-effective and competitive rates. We offer outsourcing solutions that will help you kick-start your business.

We work with you to first define your ideal candidate and We search, screen, and interview the candidate before presenting them to you to ensure that their placement is the best fit for your needs. (for functional/ technical services)

We help you eliminate the risk associated with direct hiring, reduce unpredicted staffing costs, verify candidate background, and ensure that you get the right talent for the job.

What is Application Management Services?

Excelym Global Services offers Application Management Services that help businesses take advantages of cloud solutions by providing the necessary infrastructure to implement and support technology applications. Our Services include advisory/ consultation, implementation, customization, integrations, and support
Applications We Support

NetSuite Administration Services for your Business

We offer NetSuite Administration Services to help you manage and fully extract the utmost benefits of NetSuite. We will help you leverage NetSuite by optimizing business processes and workflows to efficiently support your business.

NetSuite Administration

Application Management Services to Help Grow Your Business

We provide end-to-end offshore application management services that implement, support, and manage best-in-class proven and emerging technologies for your business.

The Benefits of OutSourcing

Our Value of Proposition.

Cost-Effective BPO Solutions

Fully-Transparent Pricing Model

Scalable Solutions

Rapid Implementation

Access To Top Talent

Offshore and Onshore Support


We continue to face uncertainties as the COVID-19 pandemic persists, but at Excelym we remain committed to you, your business, and the well-being of our community. Talk to us regarding current offers and relaxed financial terms, &/or download a strategic playbook for your business as the economy reopens.

Ensure Business Continuity

View Our Current Offers on NetSuite, eCommerce, Systems Integration, and outsourced business services to help jumpstart your business

Your Playbook as the Economy Reopens

As the economy begins to reopen, every business is going to need to reassess its situation across a number of different factors. This playbook is designed to be a checklist for business leaders so they can take action and move their organizations forward.

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Why Outsource Your Business with Excelym




With management based in the United States for business development, account management and overall operations, we operate an I.T. Services Center in the Philippines. We believe that with a capable management model and an extremely efficient technology arm, businesses both small and large can benefit from our onshore-offshore model.

Our engagement model is to directly partner with you, providing you the services, Remote Talent, and expertise to supplement existing capacity and enable you to better meet your organization’s or your customer’s expectations.

Your Remote Office in Cebu, Philippines

The Philippines is ranking high in the Tholons Services Globalization Index (TSGI) with a ranking of 3 among digital nations. Cebu City is also in the 11th spot in the TSGI Index and is one of the preferred destinations in the outsourcing industry thanks to low-barriers of entry in doing business, available infrastructure, talent pool, and Government-Business Friendly Policies.

  • Cost of Doing Business Is Low
  • World-class I.T. Infrastructure
  • Access to Top Remote Talent

Navigate The Cloud with Technology Consulting Services

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