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Try our NetSuite Support Service with no obligation with a complimentary ticket or first 10 hours on us.

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Functional Services

Our functional services will help your business grow by providing services like:

  • Outsourced Accounting Services
  • Billing and Invoicing Management
  • Sales Order Management
  • Payments Management
  • And More

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Technical Services

We help your business get the right technology for their business:

  • Technology Advisory & Consultation
  • Technology Implementation
  • Technology Customization & Integration
  • Technology Support
  • And More

Application Managed Services

We help support business with their technology by providing key application services.

Excelym works with Vista Consulting Group to implement and service the NetSuite needs of Vista Private Equity's portfolio companies. Through this partnership with one of the premier and most successful global private equities, Excelym's depth and breadth of experience in the software, data and technology industries is significantly enriched. Let this knowledge base and know-how help you achieve utmost success.

We Transform Your Vision into Results

Excelym Global Services is a full spectrum functional and technical solutions provider of a wide range of cloud business software from ERP, CRM, Ecommerce Platform, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Project Management and many more. We help businesses streamline their processes through technology consulting and application management services for multiple cloud solutions like NetSuite, SalesForce and more.

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What is Application Management Services?

Excelym Global Services offers Application Management Services that help businesses take advantages of cloud solutions by providing the necessary infrastructure to implement and support technology applications. Our Services include advisory/ consultation, implementation, customization, integrations, and support
Applications We Support

NetSuite Administration Services for your Business

We offer NetSuite Administration Services to help you manage NetSuite. We will help you leverage NetSuite by optimizing business processes and workflows to efficiently support you business.

NetSuite Administration


We continue to face uncertainties as the COVID-19 pandemic persists, but at Excelym we remain committed to you, your business, and the well-being of our community. Talk to us regarding current offers and relaxed financial terms, &/or download a strategic playbook for your business as the economy reopens.

Ensure Business Continuity

Your Playbook as the Economy Reopens

As the economy begins to reopen, every business is going to need to reassess its situation across a number of different factors. This playbook is designed to be a checklist for business leaders so they can take action and move their organizations forward.

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Discover our cloud based services and get ahead of the competition.

The Future, Now

We Provide Solutions to Boost Your Success

Future proof your business with a scalable technology stack that is optimize for your business needs and industry

build your technology stack

We will help you build and acquire the right technology stack for your business.


We will help you implement the technology to future-proof your business.


We will provide your the infrastructure to support the technology of your business.

build your technology stack




We support a full-range of cloud-based technology solutions for small to medium business.


ERP and Finance


Business Intelligence

Finance and Banking

IT and Administration

Navigate The Cloud with Technology Consulting Services

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We service multiple business industries like Online Retails, Manufacturing, Services, Software, Construction, Food & Beverage, Transportation and Logistics. We provide industry-specific solutions to help businesses overcome challenges and allow them to cope with changing market trends in their industry.

  • Retail

    We have deep experience in implementing cloud technology solutions like NetSuite for retailers globally. Our current clients include Flywheel Sports (North America), Big Home Shop (United Kingdom), and Reebonz (Singapore).
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  • Transportation

    Since NetSuite native functionality only allows one shipping movement, we’ve customized this to track to multiple movements to a destination, so that Sales Orders can include multiple shipping charges for different transportation modes.
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  • Food & Beverages

    A NetSuite implementation for assembly build used component yield settings to automatically calculate quantity allowances for expected loss of raw materials during processing. Because of this behavior, raw material taken out of stock ended up being different between system count and actual inventory.
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  • Manufacturing

    We implement NetSuite to solve complex problems businesses face in the Manufacturing sector. Talk to us about our expertise with Asset Management, Project and Work Order Management, BOM management, and many more relatable business challenges.
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  • Services

    We have deep experience in implementing, customizing and supporting NetSuite for the services industry. And by services , we speak of it broadly to include not just professional services but other services-based industries such as regulatory data services and property management services.
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  • Construction

    Here are a few of the key challenges we’ve addressed for clients in this industry: we’ve implemented and customized NetSuite to support property sales management (including an automated monthly amortization computation), to deliver to a buyer’s ledger and statement of account generation, and to successfully perform complex property inventory management.
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Excelym is more than a technology partner. Our leadership will help share in the strategy, offer insight from years of consulting, and help drive your vision in our partnership

  • Excelym has strong collective experience in NetSuite Consultation, Implementation, Customization, Integration, and Support across several business industries like retail, Manufacturing, Services, Software/Internet, Construction/Property Development, Food and Beverage, and Transportation and Logistics.

  • Excelym is a NetSuite Solutions Provider that provides an A-Z Full spectrum solution from Advisor/ Consultation, Implementation, Customization, Integration and Support.

  • Excelym provides Cost-effective Solutions through our unique on-shore and off-shore business model.


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